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January 27, 2011


Used Toyota Wish

Buying cars online is a big deal, it involves time, effort, money and last but not the least one has to be careful from lemon cars. There is a lot of scam online so better approach is to get a car assessment report from the seller.


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Carry Demaggio

Oh, heavy snowfall can make your car look like a doughnut with a Bavarian touch! It's important to avoid leaving your cars outside during heavy snowfall. And as always, be careful. The snow might think of your car as a doughnut too.

Rachel Stoneham

A lot of snow going on here, Laurent. It's absolutely dangerous when you break the road rules, particularly every winter. So if you don't have any important meetings or something, just stay inside the comforts of your home to avoid road accidents.

Kevyn Hagemann

Ow, the road is full of snow. I hope drivers are cooperating in following road rules. In snow season, we should reduce the speed on travelling because obviously, the road is wet and slippery. Also it is important that we check the brakes, windshields, engine, and other parts of our cars to avoid hassles on the road. I do the same thing before I leave my home. I check first my Wrangler Jeep that I bought to my trusted car dealer in Edmonton.

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