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January 18, 2011


Going With My Gut

Absolutely gorgeous.



The cornstarch is for making a sugar and alcohol bon bons. I would know because i made them nearly everyday at L20 with Chef Gras. Hi chef hope all is well there in NYC. If you did not see it on eater.com yet see what they are saying about Francis and Jeffs food there.

Emiliano Pimentel Morado

Great Pictures Chef! Nopalitos Salad.



I stage with you last year and got to see the most amazing food and attention for detail. I hope NYC brings you great fortune and can't wait to see you in the kitchen again



I thought the thing after the black rice was Aloe

scott malloy

Nopales, Oyster mushroom, rhubarb, bread, black rice, kombu, wakame, morel mushrooms, and cornstarch mold for making candies.


Great pictures - I am pretty sure that I know them all except for the one which seems to resemble a banana leaf (one above what looks like wakame)?

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