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Jeff Maassen

Thanks for featuring Santa Barbara Sea Urchins on your menu. If you want to see some great pictures of Santa Barbara Sea Urchins check out my Blog. I am a Sea urchin diver here in S.B.

Al Cornelissen


Saw the episode of 'No Reservations' on Chicago. This dish looked stunning. Gonna try to make it. Thanks for the recipe.


This dish is sooooo good I made it and it's very rich but worth every bite

Mercedes Grille

So far the best recipe for today!
Living near the seashore..I am literally surrounded by sea urchins, and this just came right in time (I was looking for sea urchin recipes).

Thanks a lot.

Fish Tanks

Excited to try this one out.
I am happy to find this blog just in time..when I am about to give up looking for rare recipes.

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