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Sterling Myers


Jitti Chaithiraphant

Congrats to you, Chef Laurent.

You made this happened. Your hard work, dedication, and time invested - all paid off. I wish you very best in your career and hopefully you resurface again very soon. I have been following you since the Fifth Floor. I am sure you will do great wherever you go. And your staffs will always be part of this success and appreciate what kind of impact u have on their career.

Congrats and best of luck, chef.


Tomas Reger

Congratulations to chef Laurent and his staff. Great achievment.


Congratulations! One of my most memorable dinners was hosted at your restaurant!


Mazal Tov!!

3 Macaroons is the BEST!! That is a great accomplishment.

Please keep the blog posts coming. Your photos are the closest I can come to your restaurant as I live in Los Angeles.


Kenny Carpenter

Outstanding achievement and a 3 macaroon blog as well!

Kenny Carpenter

Keep looking forward chef, your new projects will produce new fruit. Please keep blogging from your new ventures!

Tamás Hajdu

Congrats! I'm reading the blog for about a year, and I find it fantastic. 3 star is the top, keep doin' this. Tamás from Hungary

Matthew J. Goudge

Congratulations! I think you deserve the Michelin stars for your efforts :) Hope to see you in the top list...


Congratulations to Chef Gras and his entire staff. A well-desreved 3 Macarons! Can't wait to be able to make another trip to Chicago and dine once again in your restaurant. Once again, bravo!

Marco Pierre W.

Congratulations to the hard working staff of L.2O. Especially the kitchen staff. They earned every bit of praised and honor. NOW, is a different story. Do not support Melman and his restaurants. L2O was different and it got 3 stars for a reason, NOW Melman turned this beautiful restaurant into just like all his other ones. Bet you, most of laurents dedicated cooks have left. And what remains is a man trying to make his investments back and implementing BS foods, foods that sells to the uneducated public. Hiring jokers that will do anything for him since they cant bite the hand that feeds them. NOW ,L2O doesnt have that uniqueness that it once had. What remains is a product of a business man doing what he is good at! well done Melman!! Lettuce is garbage.

citrus juicer

I have never seen these before< i would like to taste them


We love your work. We are chefs from spain.
Thank you for this amazing body of work and we wish you all the best things for your future.
Keep posting your passion.


I find Marco Pierre White's comments about Melman interesting. Marco, I totally agree with you that Laurent is one of the most talented and dedicated chefs in the workd. No one wanted to see him leave L20. Whatever happened between Laurent and Melman; no one is totally sure. Laurent has enough class not to bad mouth anyone.What I find amusing Marco is that you blast Melman about being a business man and I see you on the tube selling knorr. First you made your fame being the uncomprismising bad boy chef and trash other people and now you're pushing knorr. I'm sure the knorr gig and pays well and you have the right to push it but then you don't have any right to blast Melman. When you judge others you don't define them; you define yourself.

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