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Thanh Pham

Pho is from northern Vietnam.


No noodles?


yeah chef!

Tzu-yen Wang

Wow it looks yum. For some reason the idea of hot liquid over beef this way hasn't cross my mind, even though I love eating Pho. But it should contain noodles? But that would detract from this presentation i think. Maybe a crisp noodle, or small discs of the noodle would be nice


beautiful, but yeah, if I was served this I would also be asking what happened to the noodles. noodles are just as essential to pho as the sliced meat. if not more essential. there are many variations of proteins served with pho, but noodles are a constant.

pho real

Shame, no noodles. Without noodles, it can't be a noodle soup. Imagine ramen without - it's not possible.

Come back to the bay and get reacquainted!


Should or shouldn't be....noodles, no noodles ~ Pho is really about the broth. Looks great and agree it should be poured tableside. I have a version of Pho and when piping hot, poured over Thai basil at the table it's wonderful. Noodles are important if you are in Vietnam eating this for breakfast think Chef understands that it's really the aroma that is magic!

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