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While these Parker House rolls look delish, I have to remind you that Eric Ziebold at CityZen in Washington, DC debuted these bite-sized morsels when the restaurant openend in 2004. As you know he serves them warm, in homemade cigar boxes to every guest. And uses them for mini-sandwiches.


I have seen both Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart make this same classic recipe. They look amazing.


Chef Eric,
I have researched the origin of Parker HOuse Roll, and nowhere in the over 100 year documentation of the receipt does it state that you were the creator. This is unprofessional and a needlessly spiteful attempt at sabotage. Regardless as to whether an individual learns something under your auspices and interprets such a classic receipt elsewhere does not mean that original credit should be given to you. Credit due has been given in the opening statement of this blog.


I agree this has gone a bit to far. However there is no where written that EZ was the person who ORIGINALLY took this classic recipe and turned it to a small yet delicious gift to the guests at CityZen as Thai has also suggested to the fans of L2O. And frankly EZ as well as L2O will not be the last. The only recognition is by Ellen Gale, a friend of CityZen. I strongly feel that if the blog was written mentioning the interpretation of the recipe from places such as the originator (Omni Parker House in Boston) as well as his former employer (Eric Ziebold)the culinary team would not have felt that they were "sabotaged" by their friend.
"Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them."


please delete posts its gone a wee bit out of control

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That's aMINImazing! Looks cute and delicious.

- Tera

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