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sam grimes

What are your thoughts of holding fish on ice?
I think certain species of fish, hirame included, should never touch ice but be kept cold as possible by environment only. The ice can create a "burn"on the flesh, even through the delicate skin of a hirame, a true meditteranean sea bass, etc. just like heat would. There is a school of thought that the rough edges of ice actually bruise the flesh also. Part of what you pay for with Japanese fish is the careful handling. thanks for the excellent posts.

laurent gras

I agree with you. But when taking the picture the visual effect of ice reinforces the freshness. That was the goal of the post. In the restaurant our fish will be wrapped and stored into a fish cooler at a temp of 34 F. So there will be no need for ice. I appreciate your comment. Thank you


Along the same lines with storage of fish what are your thoughts on the position of the fish during storage. Thomas Keller makes a point to store his fish in the position in which the fish swims so the flesh of the fish is not put under any increased pressure.

laurent gras

If Thomas Keller makes a point on the position of the fish I don't think I can disagree with him. Especially if he is right.
We also have equipped ourselves to wrap the fish in special material to absorb the extra moisture, but we will also bag the whole fish air tight to avoid drying, An oversized Traulsen with custom drawers will be the house for all of this.
We'll do a complete post when it is ready in the kitchen.

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