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Could you please give more details about the adapter? I would love to try this at home. Also, where did you get the tubing?

Jamie Dalton

I love the idea! Although there's a lot of work involved, have you tried mixing the gellan with gelatin for a smoother gel and what type of gellan are you using? Great idea in the siphon to get the noodle out genius!


Thanks chef,

I was thinking it was just agar but I think i can use this technique in with my own flavor proflies


VERY el Bulli 2004-2005 ???

big larry

chef tai is amazing and he has such georgeos muscles
m mmmmmm tomato noodles, now chef tai wa sdefinatly using his noodle when he created this dish


Todd, The idea of turning a traditional sauce into something modern is the point. You can trace back what el poblet, el cellar de con rocca, Alinea, wd-50 or any other, back to el bulli, because most/all have stage there. And it inspires them. New Style and techniques are build upon existing ones and it's up to the individual to make it his own.


you sound like another Idiot who would rather play with evil white powders and support the ever growing Commerical Corn Companies who rob from the real farmers to sell us shit in a box wrapped in plastic!
I have worked at many of these Restaurants studied the recipes staged around the globe and still I find nature to be the most pure and Right we as chefs should take care of our fellow man!"Giving up your ego is the shortest way to unification with nature." M.F


Todd is right El Bulli did this years ago that is nothing new or interesting. And also I agree with Todd that one has to find a balance between modern technique and sustainability. This technique is old news. But at least we can look forward to Ferran Adria coming back to the food scene in a few years and blowing it up. Then finally in a few years after that L2O will have something to regurgitate and call their own. If they are still open in a few years. Which they won't be.

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