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notary class

mmmm I love yogurt! Did you add fruit to it?


in house yogurt sorbet
What type of machine are you using to make the sorbet? Ive used a pacojet in my last kitchen and its an amazing tool.

I used to make yogurt at home when I was younger, delicious and very cost effective.


Yogurt sorbet? That sounds totally awesome!

Making yogurt's travelled like a recessive gene through generations of women in my family, considering I'm Indian, and I wasn't even aware of the specific temperatures(until now). When I was a kid, every night I'd watch my grandmother put out a bowl of milk to stand through the night and next morning it would somehow magically turn into yogurt.

I can only imagine the expression on my grandmother's face when I go and mention specific temperatures to her, the next time she puts out a bowl of milk :-D

what sort of starter is used?


Now I knew how to make yogurt at home =))

Thanks for a nice share.

diana henretty

I've been making yogurt for 20 yrs.
When I worked for Head Start, I got strep throat every 6 weeks, until I started eating 2 cups of yogurt a day, now I don't get step. Try adding 2 T. honey and 2 T. of vanilla to the milk before bringing it to a boil. Also a pkg. of Knox's gelatin (mix with a little water first) makes a creamy batch of yogurt. The older Salton 5 cup makers can be found at yard sales and thrift stores for about $2, they work great.

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