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SO that is what they are supposed to be eaten. I bought some at a bakery and they were awful.... I knew that what I was eating at the time was not supposed to be that way. I have no idea when I will get a chance to get to your restaurant with my husband but I hope I get to do it soon. The food sounds absolutely amazing and I really enjoy reading your blog. Your passion for food preparation really comes thru in your blog.

Matt Hiebsch

That is a very uplifting story. By the way this blog is very educational, nice job L2O!


Vous avez un fan à Bordeaux ! Il est vrai que le canelé est ici une institution... mais il va bientôt envahir la planète ! Le macaron n'a qu'à bien se tenir...


Hello. Did you buy the molds locally (in Chicago)?

laurent gras

I bought the molds in France.

Mitch L.

Any chance you could post the recipe? Im new to baking and these sound impressive.


YES, please give us the recipe! :-)


Canele bake beautifully in silicone molds. The beeswax adds a distinctive crackle to the crust, it's worth your time to test out the beeswax technique.

The recipe from Zuchini and chocolate works very, very well -- follow it carefully (and use beeswax)


Silicone wrks beautifully if you use the butter and beeswax mixture.

Follow the Zucchini and chocolate recipe found here:



Did you not completely swipe that canele piece form Paula Wolfert?

Not even mention the source, seriously?

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