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Mon anglais étant plutôt approximatif, et je crois que vous êtes français alors j'en profite ! Simplement pour vous dire que votre blog/site est fantastique, les photos merveilleuse et que si je passe un jour par Chicago je ne résisterais pas à la tentation d'un repas à L20...

kostantinos kontogiannis

You are absolutely correct... The cut should be performed with the application of light pressure... The cut in japanese knives is even and clean .. You know that well as i know you have been using japanese blades a few years now..... Also i have heard that japanese use knives from 2 sets that they sharpen at the end of each shift allowing one set to rest while they work with their other set the following shift... The reasoning behind it was that there is an off metallic flavor that could transfer from the freshly sharpened blade to food and thats why they change set every day... Could not verify if that is true or not.....
What type of water stones do you use if i may ask? I have been using a set of Shapton "glass" waterstones with amazing results....Do you strop the knife with chromium oxide at all?
Again amazing work ....


I started with a German knife set over 12 years ago. 5 years ago I started transitioning to Japanese knives. I must agree, Japanese steel is much sharper and holds an edge much longer. Ironically, out of the 30 knives in my kit, I always go to the 9.5 deba, and the yanagiba 95% of the time.

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