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Brilliant, my fondest memories of food and life start with recognition of a certain smell. It's usually the reaction of "what is that smell? it reminds me of something," then i usually get chills. I had one of the best meals of my life at your restaurant, your ideas that have been incorporated into the dining experience are truly unique and forever memorable.


look up they can provide a variety of diffusers and equipment, although you will have to use a fragrance from their bespoke collection. However, they do work with a well-known US fragrance company, Belmay ( as fragrances need to comply to US Federal Law controlling the release of VOC (volatile organic compounds) which includes fragrances. Good Luck!


Your attention to the entire sensory experience is fantastic. Will guests be able to find out which scent is being used during their visits? And will the public then be able to purchase this same scent from Memoire Liquide? For me, scent greatly influences my state of mind. I would love to collect some clean, fresh fragrances different from the usual cloying, food- or flower-based room scents.

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