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Robert M. Borden


Great site, were did you find the containers and did you ever guest chef at the Lake Placid lodge, Lake Placid, NY ? I was the pastry chef for the hotel Garrett group and had worked under Jacques Torres. looking forward to visiting your restuarant late this spring.



I can imagine what your underwear drawer looks like.

Meagan Moloney

..... this brings a tear to my eye. A delighted, happy, nostalgic tear.

I wish you all the success in the world! I hope to make it to Chicago one day to savour the experience first hand! But in the interim, CONGRATULATIONS & well done - I predict L20 will be nothing less than an award winning restaurant!
Also, send my regards to Francis & Travis - it was a smile-evoking moment when I saw their handsome faces on the video!
Warmest regards,
- mm

Meagan Moloney

I do apologise, though, I will NOT be imagining what your underwear drawer looks like!! ;O)

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